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Four Reasons To Drink Local Wine

By madwire / November 30, 2022

Whether you’re a certified sommelier or a home winemaker seeking equipment and inspiration, a local winery like Prospero Winery in Pleasantville, NY is the only place you need to visit. Not only do we produce some of the best wines on the East Coast, but we also have the history and expertise to guide you…

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Wine Worth Celebrating About

By madwire / September 7, 2022

Wine Worth Celebrating About There’s nothing quite like a delectable wine to make any occasion feel more special. Prospero Grapes has been proud to be part of the wine industry for more than 50 years now. Our grapes come from sunny California, unsurprisingly producing the most wine in America. But what makes California wines so…

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Wine Grapes From Gold Coast to the Mid-Hudson Region

By madwire / July 15, 2022

50 years into our business, the Prospero Grapes team continues to call Pleasantville, NY home. But our wine grapes are residents of another state: California. With a longstanding tradition of wine grape production, California is unsurprisingly the top wine-producing state in the country. But what makes California wine grapes so special? Keep reading to find…

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Prospero Winery and Grapes

By madwire / July 7, 2022

Continuing our 50th anniversary celebration, our team at Prospero Grapes wants to give our valued customers a look into what makes our winery stand out. Here are four reasons why Prosperoin Pleasantville, NY is the best place to get your wine grapes and wine juice—don’t forget to contact us and stop by! As we reflect…

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bucket of grapes in a vineyard

Wine Grape Harvest

By madwire / July 7, 2022

The wine grape harvest is a time-honored tradition that has existed for centuries.  As we continue celebrating 50 years of Prospero Grapes, we felt it only right to take a closer look at the harvest, specifically what goes into it and how it works. For 50 years,  Prospero Grapes has looked forward to harvest season.…

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red grapes in a vineyard

The Life of a Vine

By madwire / July 7, 2022

As we celebrate 50 years here at Prospero Grapes, we felt it was only right to take a look at the life of a grapevine. After all, they’re the core of our business—and we couldn’t make wine or have accomplished what we have without them! Here’s a quick overview of the stages grapes go through,…

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Prospero Winery’s Guide to Wine Grapes

By madwire / July 6, 2022

As we continue to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Prospero Winery, we wanted to take some time to focus on one of the things that got us started with it all: the grapes. At Prospero, we’re proud to use a variety of different grapes in our wine, and we thought it would be fun to…

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