Wine Grapes From Gold Coast to the Mid-Hudson Region

50 years into our business, the Prospero Grapes team continues to call Pleasantville, NY home. But our wine grapes are residents of another state: California. With a longstanding tradition of wine grape production, California is unsurprisingly the top wine-producing state in the country. But what makes California wine grapes so special? Keep reading to find out, and contact us with any questions.

open vineyard


Cool climates and warm climates each have a distinct impact on grape flavor profiles. California wine grapes benefit from the Napa Valley’s Mediterranean climate, which features long, sunny growing seasons. Spain and Southern France—two of the world’s wine-growing capitals—also have this rare climate type.

sun rays brightening a grape vine

Distinct Seasons

Much of the best wine comes from California-grown grapes because the state has rigid seasons in which rainfall only occurs six months each year. This means that the summers are hot and dry, allowing grapes to ripen fully.

sun rays shining on a vineyard

Large Bodies of Water

While California summers are sunny and hot, they can also be exhausting for grapes. The state’s large bodies of water—such as the Pacific Ocean and the San Francisco Bay—offer relief from heat waves. With cool winds and occasional fog, moisture stays in the air so wine grapes don’t raisin under the sun’s powerful rays.

grapes hanging in a bright vineyard

Soil Quality

From mountains to hills, California also has a variety of landscapes that contribute to the unique terroirs—or soil qualities—of wine regions across the state. Depending on the area you choose, you may find wine grapes grown in volcanic soil or clay that helps with hydration and grape ripening.

Our 50th anniversary celebration is possible because of our strong commitment to sourcing grapes from the best wine-growing region in the country. As we continue this business for another 50 years and beyond,  we hope to share our love for California wine grapes with you. Contact us today to learn more!