Why Do You Smell Wine First?

Have you ever wondered why wine tasting always begins with wine smelling? As it turns out, there is a good reason for this. Let’s take a closer look at why we smell first when tasting wine from our team at Prospero Grapes, a local winery located in Pleasantville, NY.

woman smelling wine

Enhances Flavor Experiences

Our sense of smell is closely linked to our sense of taste. Because of this, smelling the wine before we sip allows us to experience the aroma of the wine — a truly integral part of the entire tasting experience.

man smelling wine

Helps Us To Identify Characteristics

Smelling the wine before drinking it can also help us to identify its characteristics. By taking a few whiffs of the wine, we can pick up on delicate aromas such as earthy, fruity, and woody notes. Our sense of smell is incredibly sensitive, so it can even detect hints of common wine flaws.

group of people smelling and drinking wine

Assists With Identifying Quality Wines

Not only does smelling the wine give us a better appreciation for its flavor and aroma, but it also gives us valuable information about the quality of the wine that we are about to enjoy. By taking a good sniff of the wine, we can get an idea of its overall quality and complexity.

a group of people drinking wine

Enhances Your Palate

Smelling the wine can help to enhance our palate and allow us to better identify the flavors and aromas of the wine when we drink it. By smelling the wine beforehand, we can pick up on hints of flavors and we can also determine how dry or sweet the wine is and its overall intensity. This can help us to better appreciate the wine when we drink it.

At Prospero Grapes, we strive to craft world-class wines while sharing our knowledge so our customers can better appreciate their experience! The next time you go out for some vino, remember to start off with a good whiff and see where it takes you!

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