Can Any Grape Make Wine?

As Prospero Winery & Grapes continues our celebration of 50 years in the wine-making and wine equipment-selling business, we’ll take a look back at the very beginning of selling grapes and would like to address a common question we receive: Can any grape make wine? Learn the answer to this question below, and contact us today!


Table Grapes Versus Wine Grapes

A table grape is the all-encompassing name for grapes purchased from the grocery store. This type of grape is meant to be consumed as is. A wine grape is a grape that has been cultivated with a different structure and flavor to be used in winemaking and is not meant to be eaten plain.


What’s the Difference Between Table Grapes and Wine Grapes?

You can think of the difference between table and wine grapes like you do different breeds of dogs. While all dogs are dogs, dogs have been carefully selected over hundreds and thousands of years to have different characteristics. This is the same for wine. Wine grapes have different flavor characteristics, which is what makes them enjoyable for drinking.


Quality & Flavor

The main difference between table and wine grapes has to do with the quality and the flavor. Wine grapes impart more flavor into wine and are sweeter. They have more natural sugars than table grapes, resulting in the delicious taste of your favorite wines.


Can Any Grape Make Wine?

The answer to the question is technically, yes, any grape can make wine. However, would you want to make wine from table grapes? This answer is a resounding no.



For the past 50 years, the Prospero family’s commitment to quality has remained second to none. We’re proud to source and supply the finest grapes in the industry. Even more so, we’re proud to help home winemakers enjoy high-quality wines of their own. To get started, contact us today!