Prospero Winery Is Proud to Celebrate

Our 50th Anniversary

Since 1972, our family-owned and operated winery has sourced California’s best grapes to make our fine wines. With a rich family tradition in winemaking, we wanted to share our hobby with local home winemakers. That’s why we also supply our expertly-grown grapes and commercial-grade winemaking equipment to those who want to try it for themselves.

Five Decades of Family Winemaking

The Prospero family began selling quality California wine grapes in 1972. By 1999, we had a bonded winery to share our finest wines with locals and visitors in the Mid-Hudson region. 

To this day, we combine our heritage with high-quality grapes to produce renowned yet affordable wines and an authentic winery experience. We also supply commercial winemaking equipment, wine juice, and bulk wine to businesses.

Expertly Made Wine

Our family produces expertly-made wine using expertly-grown grapes. During our 50th anniversary, we invite you to experience our rich traditions by enjoying one of our wines for yourself. They’re available in multiple sizes, and you can also take advantage of our refill program. When you bring your old container back to us, you’ll save money and help the planet with each refill.

Expertly Made Wine
Five Decades of Family Winemaking

Supplies for the Home Winemaker

Though our family started by selling high-quality wine grapes, we soon expanded to offering winemaking equipment in 1976. By 1980, we also had wine juices and a more recognizable brand. Today, we still have fresh grapes and juices for home winemakers to purchase. Through our Home Winemaker Depot, we also offer commercial winemaking equipment. We provide it for some of the most famous wineries across the U.S. and Canada.

Celebrate 50 Years of Prospero

For the past 50 years, the Prospero family’s commitment to quality has remained second to none. We’re proud to source and supply the finest grapes California has to offer. Even more so, we’re proud to help home winemakers enjoy high-quality wines of their own.


We invite you to celebrate our 50th anniversary with us. Visit our winery in Pleasantville, NY, and see what makes our world-class winemakers stand out. We are grateful to everyone who has supported our family-owned and operated winery, and we look forward to the next 50 years of crafting fine wines and providing winemaking supplies.